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What is the 'CO2' in our project title?
CO2 or carbon dioxide is a gas without smell, taste or colour that is produced in both natural and artificial chemical reactions. It consists of one carbon and two oxigen molecules.
More detailed chemical info on carbon dioxide
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Below you can find different ways to write down or to depict a carbon dioxide molecule.
What is the link with consuming habits?

CO2 is a gas that plays an important role in fotosynthesis, breathing of living organisms, volcanic activity and the production of energy by the burning of fossil fuels.
This has a large impact on our every day life as all consumption goods need a big amount of energy when they are produced, transported and consumed. And even after that last step we need energy when we deal with the waste we have produced.

On earth there used to be a very delicate balance or equilibrium between the carbon dioxide and the oxigen (O2) that was produced. Human consumption of large amounts of energy and goods has disturbed that equilibrium. So now we are responsable for some dramatic consequences in nature, our climate etc.

The picture below explaines how carbon dioxide is formed when methane (natural gas) is burned to produce electricity.