Are you a CO2nsumer?
Comenius Project
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Common activities in Spain, Belgium and Poland
Activity number 1 Common survey on the consumption of time, allowance and the environment
  Questionnaires in different languages
  Questionnaire in English pdf version
  Questionnaire in Spanish pdf version
  Questionnaire in Polish pdf version
  Questionnaire in Dutch html version
  The results of the survey
  Results in Spain xls version in Spanish
  Results in Belgium pdf version in Dutch
  Results in Poland pdf version in English
  Common results in the 3 countries pdf version in English
  Powerpoint with the results of the survey
(made by students in Ocaña)
ppt version in English
  Pictures of the survey  
Activity number 2 A common project song
  May 2011: The "Are you a CO2nsumer? Comenius Project Song" is ready...
The mix was not any easy job...

December 2010: The 3 schools have decided on their favourite song to turn it in to a project song:

Poland suggested:
- YMCA by Village People

Spain suggested:
- Thriller by Michael Jackson

Belgium suggested:
- Ode an die Freude (L. van Beethoven) in a rock version

  Thriller by Michael Jackson was chosen by a majority in all schools!
A difficult job for our music teachers started: rehearsals,.... Their pupils had to make an adaptation of the song in their own language.
Activity number 3 Exchange form to prepare the student mobilities and e-mail exchange.
  Exchange form in English, French and Dutch
Activity number 4 Logo competition
  Our schools held a logo competition. Each school invited the pupils to enter the competition. During IT and arts classes, pupils learned about the design and qualities of a good logo. The best 2 logo's of each school entered the international competition and during the second exchange in Poland the project teachers decided on the winning logo. Polish pupils Marta Urbanowska and Zuzia Machniewska won the final!
  The winning logo of Marta Urbanowska and Zuzia Machniewska from Poland
  The finalists from Spain and Belgium
Activity number 5 Art exhibition made with (recycled) waste materials
  Exhibition in Spain
Flower Power
  Exhibition in Poland
Flower Power
  Exhibition in Belgium
No, I am a recycler!