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Comenius Project
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Common activities in Spain, Belgium and Poland: second year
Activity number 1 Taking pictures of environmental issues in our local community.
Simultaneous exhibitions in the 3 schools during the last school week of december 2011
  Faces of... sorted by theme
  Faces of Ocaña
  Faces of Oostkamp
  Faces of Pulawy
  Faces of ... exhibition in Spain
  Faces of ... exhibition in Belgium
  Faces off... exhibition in Poland
Activity number 2 Broadcasting a common mini school festival at the same moment in the 3 schools
   Sounds of... performances in the 3 schools
  Are you consumers? No we are creators! The final concert movie!
Activity number 3 Comparing the prices of basic products in Belgium, Poland and Spain (Spring 2012)
  Comparing the prices of products
Activity number 4 Comparing consumer rights
  Take the test here!
Activity number 5 The Aura Project