Common activity: exhibition of images of our local communities
Faces of Oostkamp, Belgium
1. The town hall of Oostkamp on the central square.
The name Oostkamp comes from the word 'orscamp' or horse camp. It traditionally was the last stop where you could change horses when you wanted to travel to Bruges by coach. The town hall dates from 1882.
2. Spending some free time: riding a bike.
Because Oostkamp has no real hills or mountains it's an ideal place to discover by bike. More than 90% of our school population comes to school by bike. Also during free time pupils often us bikes to visit friends and relatives, to make a ride in the countryside or to ride Bruges for some shopping.
3. Tyco Electronics: the lagest factory in our village, specialized in electronic components.
Our village used to have a special link with the German electronics manufacturer Siemens. In the sixties the electronic business was booming in Belgium. Siemens built a large plant in Oostkamp providing jobs for hundreds, even thousands of local workers. Later the competition from develloping countries in Asia became too strong. The German board of Siemens decided to sell the plant in Oostkamp. Now it is in the hands of Tyco Electronics.
4. Belgian chocolates, a tasty export product of Belgium
Belgian chocolate is famous all over the world. Our towns are flooded with tourists who want to taste the dark gold of Belgium. Chocolates come in many shapes and forms: pralines, truffles but also figurines. On the 6th of December we celebrate the birthday of Sint-Nikolaas. A saint that originates from the south of Europe. Some people say he comes from Turkey but most people think he's Spanish. Fact is that he brings toys and chocolate figurines and tangerines for the children.
5. The football stadium of SV Oostkamp at the Valkaart complex.
'Football (soccer) is the most important side issue in the world' is a famous Belgian expression. So our pupils often play football in their free time. In nearby Bruges there are two important teams from the Belgian Jupiler League: Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge. Pupils often support one of these teams. Oostkamp has a football team too: SV Oostkamp and also a good basketball team. The community of Oostkamp combines culture and sports at the Valkaart complex.
6. Crossroads of two European highways.
Oostkamp has two important highways within its borders. The E40 that starts Calais (France) and ends in Ridder (Kazakhstan) and the E403 from Bruges to France.
7. Modern architecture
Design and modern archtecture are 'hot' in Belgium.
8. New building blocks
Because prices of houses in the town center of Bruges are becoming too expensive, people are looking for appartments in Oostkamp. Our village is only 7 kilometers away from the city center. The new building blocks are becoming so popular that prices are going up very quickly.
9. Countryside
Oostkamp is part of the Houtland (Woodland). There are many castels and farms with special gardens and beautiful lanes with double rows of trees running through the meadows and fields.
10. Shopping in Oostkamp
The local shopkeepers in Oostkamp are specializing in exclusive brands so they can attract people from other villages. If you are looking for shoes, glasses or clothes that are trendy and out of the ordinary, Oostkamp is the place to be.