Common activity: exhibition of images of our local communities
Faces of Ocaña, Spain
1. Arches of the main square in Ocaña:
present cultural and social meeting point.
2. On their way to the Big Fountain (Fuente Grande):
meeting point for young people, especially at night.
3. Ocaña-1: prison in the village.
There are many inhabitants in the village who make their living out of it.
4. Olive oil, a key product in the economy of the village.
5. Bullring
6. Chinese business:
inmigrants integrate in the Spanish economy
7. View of the Big Fountain.
8. Concrete beams: the construction business, now in frankly decline, is present in Ocaña.
9. Overall view of Ocaña: cycle lane in the forefront.
10. The Big Fountain (qanat or underwater managemet system).
One of the entrances to the qanat.